Web Design Case Study

Lead generation website for Reading Based Electricians

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Launched January 2023

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WordPress Website

The Client

Redlec Electrical are electrical experts based in Reading. They offer a range of General Electrical services and EV Charging Point installation.

The client required a professional website for generating leads. They requested a multi-step quote form for EV Charger installation, which gives the user a fixed online quote and lets them book installation. We decided upon a bespoke WordPress website, with a custom coded PHP quote form.

What We Built

First, we conducted some research about the business and their target market. This helped guide our design process and gave us insight into the business. We created a bespoke design which makes effective use of illustration style images. This gives the site a friendly feel, and is more impactful than generic stock imagery.

We developed a bespoke WordPress site, which works seamlessly on mobile. A key part of development was the multi-step quote form. On the EV Section of the site, you can generate a quote in seconds for EV Charger installation. First, you select your vehicle make and model. Then you must answer a few other questions like where the charging point will be installed, and how far it is from the fuse box.

The front end of the form was developed with JavaScript, and we developed the backend using PHP. Once you’ve completed the form you are given an instant price, with a range of different charging points to choose from. You are also able to book installation on a day of your choice.

The multi-step form saves the client a huge amount of time. They don’t need a lengthy phone discussion to give a customer a quote, they can simply direct the user to the Redlec website. They were delighted with the final outcome and its ease of use.